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2008 G37 Coupe & owner Lucas Chen

This is the first in a series of Infiniti enthusiast profiles.  This month we feature Rob Enderle of San Jose.  Rob's choice of car is a Supercharged 2008 FX35 AWD. 

Rob, what do you do?
I'm a technology analyst and am on loan to most of the major networks.  I have a TV show that is syndicated (Tech Close Up), do WSJ Radio every other week, and have a number of columns that can be found on my website at www.enderlegroup.com. 

What have been the favorite cars you have owned?
1968 Jaguar XKE, 1980 Mazda RX7 (modified), 1994 Toyota MR2, 2003 Infiniti FX45, 1997 Audi TT

Why did you choose the FX35?
I had and loved the FX45 but no one made engine enhancements for it.   It gave me both the performance I wanted and the room I needed to carry stuff (including my dogs).  The FX35 gives me what I liked about the FX45 and I could put a supercharger on it (and I really wanted to try this out). 

What tuners, or car scenes, have been your influence?
In college I worked as a Jaguar mechanic and had a heavily modified 1964 XKE Coup (you'll notice it wasn't one of my favorite cars).  I also had a heavily modified 1965 Chevy Impala and a fully restored 1967 Sunbeam Alpine (which I'd wanted to put a V8 in but never did).  You can afford more interesting things at my age and I'm kind of revisiting my youth.  So most of my influence came from screwing up cars trying to make them faster while I was in my late teens and early 20s. 

Why did you choose Beshoff Infiniti for your project?
They would stand behind the work and knew the car.   I was really sweating someone screwing this up and leaving me with something that wasn't drivable.  Had a lot of experience with modifications that didn't go well (like my fuel injected 1974 Honda Civic). 

Tell us about your FX35?  Is this your daily driver?
This is the car that is used to drive the dogs to the park and when I need to have extra room for 4 people.   It is also used for distance driving (which is rare).  

What's next on the list of performance upgrades?
Probably a big brake kit, I like the suspension the way it is at the moment and don't see the need to lower the car. 

What is your favorite road?
17 on the way to or from Santa Cruz. 

What is your dream car?
Fisker Karma Convertible, though if they turn the Infiniti Essence into a convertible I'd consider that as an alternative   

Who's going to win the Super Bowl?
The team that wants it the most. 

Thank you for sitting down with us today, one last question, who would you pick, Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox?
Courtney Cox